Our Staff is Our Strength

In our facility, good production and good hygiene practices are carried out especially in the legal conditions determined in Turkish food Codex. All requirements of the Food Safety Management Standard have been established. These requirements are applied one by one in order to ensure that our customers consume reliable food.

The Turkish food Codex legal requirements and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standard requirements have been established in order to adopt the philosophy of safe food consumption of our consumers as a priority and support this philosophy. HACCP procedures and instructions, which are created within the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standard in our company, are created to reflect the practices. Control points are determined for the purpose of ensuring product and customer safety, and these control points are monitored by the most sensitive and effective methods. The product is provided as a result of the measurements.

Our Food Engineers and Food Technicians are our technical staff who control all the processes of our production, make the necessary analyzes and record them, manage the whole process and produce safe food.

Separate sections have been created for storing and preserving the raw materials that  we bought.Our cold stores are arranged according to this.Temperature measurements are regularly checked and recorded.As Kayra Catering, our priority is to ensure that the products supplied are always reliable, quality standards and hygienic. We have chased the most right choices for from meat products to vegetables , dairy products and legumes for 20 years .

Hygiene is our  priority

Hygiene is the process chain that is not separated from each other from the beginning to the end of our work. The infrastructure of our production area is designed to maintain this hygiene chain and is divided into appropriate sections. Our foods meet the hygienic hands of our staff, who have the knowledge of good production practices and good hygiene practices, and our foods progress rapidly towards becoming safe food.

Personal hygiene controls of our production personnel are checked regularly. Hygiene trainings that are provided by our food engineers, consultants and food safety  auditors are an important part of our business  at the beginning and after the work. Also, practical hygiene seminars given by our suppliers from whom we provide cleaning products, enable our employees to become aware of personal hygiene rules and take an active role in the food safety chain.

Quality is our indispensable

Our employees and senior management are aware  that product quality and reliability start from the supplier first and are aware that all the raw materials and auxiliary materials we purchase must comply with the requirements of Turkish Food Codex and ISO 22000 Food Safety Standard.Our company has determined its substructural activities as well as its good production practices as its philosophy of life in order to produce high quality and reliable products. These studies mirror our quality and food safety policy accordingly human and nature respectful, environment-friendly production has turned into a system that produces.

We derive our strength from our competent and successful human resources. To provide our employees with all necessary and possible training and development opportunities, to improve our working conditions and to be a dynamic and constantly developing organization, to achieve our corporate goals is our greatest foundation. The aim of training and development activities is to assist the professional and personal development of employees.

Being equitable and fair is our important and indispensable values in all our activities,  transactions and relations. We treat each other fairly and respectfully; we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, language, race, gender and similar characteristics. Our employees are members of the Kayra Catering family. It is essential to keep team awareness ahead and to share all the achievements as a team.

The processes covered by food safety in a food business are mainly divided into four headings: procurement, storage, production, sales and service. The first of these is the purchasing process.

The basic condition for the products offered in the facility to be safe and hygienic is that raw materials are supplied from safe suppliers. Otherwise, it will not be possible to reach the right product by using raw materials that are not supplied from safe suppliers.

For this purpose, our company conducts a policy of getting the right product at the right price by establishing an effective supplier performance system rather than the cheapest, always inexpensive approach.