Kayra Catering is established in 1997 and it is an organization that provides reliable food producing and catering services in hygienic conditions with its experienced and well-trained staff at all levels.

Kayra Catering that plans the catering service and offers with customer focus and sustains customer satisfaction as a priority, meets the needs of its customers professionally with its trained and friendly team at its factory with a capacity of 25.000 people per day.

Kayra Catering, which offers its customers’ on-site production service in their kitchens as well as catering services, is also the solution partner of their customers during the planning and installation stages of the kitchen.

At the same time this catering make reals all Outside Catering services for special events and organizations perfectly .

–  Misions 

To create a platform where all employees can explain their ideas and thoughts, to carry the company forward and to adopt and embrace the company with the satisfaction and participation of our employees.

To follow the technological developments closely, to continuously improve our product and service quality, to meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level,

To create an emotional connection with our consumers through a strong communication and to ensure customer loyalty.

–  Visions

With our competent staff in the field,  to keeping the food safety in the forefront,  to supporting the necessary technological and substructure investments, with R & D studies and maximizing customer satisfaction and to becoming the first preferred food company in the region.

To identify risks that may cause work accidents and environmental pollution in our production area where we provide food safety and to prevent occupational accidents and environmental pollution by taking necessary precautions against the occurrence of risks.

To ensure customer satisfaction without compromising our principled, open, honest working approach.

To produce healthy and delicious food with reliable foods by protecting natural resources in quality standards.

For the motivation of our employees, by organizing trainings and activities that increase their loyalty to the work place, to move the feelings of belonging to the highest level and to provide improvement with continuous enhancement.