Being invited to job interviews is a stage that the candidates who are in search of a job are waiting excitedly. Kayra Catering is aware of this and we try to share the same excitement in our meetings.

Our success is the work of Kayra Catering’s employees. In addition to our moral values, we select innovative and targeted candidates. We try to support and assist in their future plans by choosing the right training and motivation tools.

Kayra Catering is a big family, and it has all the moral values that a family should have. Being fair is important and indispensable value at Kayra Catering . We treat each other fairly and respectfully; we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, language, race, gender and similar characteristics.

It is our duty to be happy and share our happiness. In this sense, we share our love with our employees with our anniversary activities, birthday celebrations, iftar dinners, picnics and excursions.

We manage our development process with our trainings planned for our needs and personal needs, panels and invitations that  we participate in.

We regularly relieve the stress and fatigue of our working life with events such as football pitches, visits to historical places, cinema and theater, bowling and yacht cruising.

With our breakfast and gifts made with our disabled brothers and sisters, we share our love of Kayra Catering with all the people we can reach by supporting social responsibility projects such as iftar dinners, student scholarships and school aids, especially Kızılay.

We protect our cultural values ​​with our visits to cities such as Bursa, Istanbul and Çanakkale. Protecting our history and culture is the duty of every Kayra Catering’s employee.

Every Saturday we share with the collective breakfast, sometimes sadness, sometimes joy, but always leaving emotional memories, as Kayra Catering  we draw a picture of the happiness of food.

The secret of the pride of being a food worker in Kayra Catering is hidden in our happy memories that we live .

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