Our food that is produced under hygienic conditions in our kitchens is controlled by our trained and specialized staff.All food that is controlled  and analysed is given to the product exit approval. After the product exit confirmation, our food is delivered to our customers safely via closed thermobox system.

Thermobox is a very important equipment that keeps food at desired temperature for a long time due to its heat loss of 1-4 ° C per hour, minimizes the risk of food spoilage and ensures the safest way of carrying food.The food we produce is offered to our customers under high quality and hygienic conditions by being protected from external influences without losing heat by means of thermoboxes.

On the other hands , it is among our main duties to inform our customers and employees that we serve as Kayra Catering about food safety and food service services and to provide training opportunities when necessary.

Food service is prepared in institutions’ own production areas and offered to service. All services are provided by our company within the scope of project planning, procurement of the necessary equipment and agreement made in the production area.

The food service that is offered by our experienced and professional staff does not waste time and taste as it is offered to the service at the point where it is produced with the supply of quality raw materials. It brings service quality and satisfaction to the highest level by bringing it with its presentation feature.

Our company provides a variety of services such as health compliance audits for on-site production food service, microbiological analyses at certain periods and hygiene controls , in line with your request.

We are at your side as Kayra Catering for your wedding, circumcision feast , invitation and all the communities you dream of.

Our menus are prepared with the unique presentation and visuals  that you want to serve our guests by our friendly team. In addition to prepared meals and treats, we also provide decorations that will ensure integrity.

We will consider all the details that make your invitation unforgettable, we will have the pleasure of hosting you and your guests happily by producing solutions for its realization.

We organize the catering service, like meeting, cocktail, picnic, opening meals, trade fair and so on, that you need on all your special days in line with your expectations and in a way to meet this . For all these organizations, we bring together the most delicious tastes and the highest quality presentations and we make you happy with our friendly team.