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We are at your side as Kayra Catering for your wedding, circumcision feast , invitation and all the communities you dream of. Our menus are...

Transportation and Foods

Our food that is produced under hygienic conditions in our kitchens is controlled by our trained and specialized staff. .All food that is controlled and...

Onsite Production

Food service is prepared in institutions' own production areas and offered to service. All services are provided by our company within the scope of...

We are get ready carefully for your special days.

Reliable food is that food is produced in such a way that the physical, chemical and biological hazards are controlled and that they do not disturb our health in the process until they reach the consumer. Our production facility has been established to produce safe food and is divided into the sections that are controlled at every stage of production. In this way, all hazards can be controlled, analyzed and reported. All of our efforts to ensure that safe foods that we produce by taking into consideration human health reach more people and make them conscious about this issue and change their consumption habits in this direction.

All people have the right to a reliable, sustainable, affordable, quality and healthy diet.  As Kayra Catering , we cares about the health of society and we are proud to produce safe food.

Food distribution and logistics services are one of the main processes of Kayra Catering. Providing food and catering services to our customers in safe, timely and appropriate conditions is a process that we care about and follow.The logistics service that is developing by technology and the fleet of equipment and vehicles is managed by our center by time planning and it can be shared with our customers upon request. Delivering our services to our customers on time and under appropriate conditions is as important as production.

We are meticulously conducting our raw material selections together with our purchasing experts and food engineers. Firstly, production permission documents and sample analysis reports are requested from our suppliers. All products purchased must have quality certificates, veterinary approval and disinfection reports for meat products. Afterwards, they must undergo proper storage, proper and hygienic storage, safe cooking methods and all hygiene and quality controls and record. We bring flavor to health in the food industry that we seek for the best.

Flavor is one of the most important features what we look for in the foods that we consume and the food that we eat. But only, a meal that is delicious is not enough . It also needs to be healthy.Safe, hygienic and quality raw materials should be used for producing health foods.

Once these criteria are ready, you can produce healthy tastes with safe cooking methods.

Kayra Catering protect your health as well as your taste buds . It produces flavor by adding health to your future .

Menu planning is prepared carefully by our nutritionists and dietitians in line with the needs and expectations of our customers. First of all, a preliminary study is prepared considering the calorie amount, protein, carbohydrate and fat balance appropriate to the field of activity and submitted to the approval of our customers. After approval, our menus prepared as ”monthly” are served in harmony by ensuring visual integrity.